Thursday, 25 June 2009


This week saw the return of Regina Spektor and her new album Far.
Wowzer what a truly sublime album, currently the ruby blue soundtrack on repeat.
Below is a video for a track named Eet, musically and visually a triumph
Regina = Beautifully perfect.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


New in store this week is a delicious array of ladies scarfs. 
Varying in size, material, design and price, these little beauties would be a welcome accessory to any wardrobe creation. 
As scarfs are such a big seller in ruby blue, get in quick and snatch up the smoochie neck cover-upper that best demonstrates your current style.

Priced between £4.00 and £8.00 

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Where is Ruby Blue?

Below is an animation that the ever so pretty and talented Malin Gustavsson created for ruby blue.
Have a peek, it's glorious and cute and delightful and beautiful and sublime and gosh darn super!
Thank You Malin you are quite a wonder :) 

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rule Britannia

Nautical colours and motifs are always popular with spring/summer fashions, go into any shop on the high street and this will be demonstrated. Here at ruby blue we try our best to emulate certain trends, check out this little patriotic beauty.

1950s Blouse - £20.00
1970s Red Flared Trousers - £20.00
Red and White Weave Belt - £9.50
1980s White Clutch Bag - £13.50
White Short Beads - £8.00
White Long Beads - £7.00
Silver Bracelet - £6.00

1980/1990s Ladies Blazer - £22.50
Commemorative Mugs - £3.50 each 


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

1960s Summer

New in today is this rather delightful 1960s inspired Hawaiian print mini dress, perfect for those summer days and nights. 

Get the look...
Dress - £20.00
1960s Straw Hat - £10.00
Sunglasses - £8.50
Gold Elasticated Belt - £15.00
Chunky Bangle - £7.00

Wrap Me Up

New hand stamped wrapping paper, sure to make any parcel look smoochy.
£2.00 for 1 meter, totes worth it i'd say.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dear Kate....i heart you!

I have officially fallen in love with Kate Micucci (Gooch from the final series of scrubs). 
She's so cute, i want to spread her on a cracker and munch munch munch!


Some new/old treats that arrived in store this week.....
Various clutch bags, jewellery, Armani sunglasses, a pair of 1940s black gloves, a floral skirt, purple suede stilettos to name a few, have a peek at the pic below then come and buy them ;)


RE is one of the most amazing shops i have ever had to pleasure of visiting, located in Corbridge it sells all reclaimed goodies for the house and garden. 
After wondering round for about 2o minutes wanting EVERYTHING, i finally came back down to earth to collect the bits and bobs that i went in for [pictures coming soon].
As i was about to leave i spotted some old house keeping magazines from the 1950s and knew instantly how they could be of use to me. I've had some old wardrobe doors that i've been meaning to utilise for some time now, what better way to use them than to make some screens, onto which i pasted the pages of the magazines. 
The end result was pretty neat, have a peek at the pictures below :)

Summer Days

What with this divine weather we've been having of late, it would be silly not to enjoy it, so ruby blue took to the courtyard in order to soak up some rays and attract the passing public...expect much more of this if the sun continues to treat us.