Thursday, 27 January 2011


So last night my good friend and should be wife Sarah Lightfoot sent me some images of some of the favourite things she has purchased from RB over the years, complete with tags and the words "RB will always have a loving place in my heart."

This inspired me... i'd love to see pictures of the stock that you've tenderly skipped away with over the years along with a little description or special memory you have wearing or using RB products. Once received i'll post them on this here blog for all to share.
email if you would like to take part?

I also had a lovely phone conversation with a good customer yesterday afternoon, which made me happy and sad all at the same time. Her words were wonderfully genuine and carefully chosen to express the gratitude and appreciation of an act i thought nothing of at the time.
I'm really going to miss dealing with such fantastic people, after all it really is you that has made Ruby the beautiful woman she is.
So once again, thank you kind customers, you will be truly missed. x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New York

So while you've all been sending me your lovely comments and emails etc etc i've been living it up in New York City.
I was lucky enough to be in NY for New Year, which was majorly exciting, truly the best 10 days my nearly 26 years have ever spent. I felt infinite, fabled, biblical (and whatever other legendary words you can think of) the whole time i was there.

Anyway the real reason i'm writing this post is to gush about all the amazing Vintage shops/areas i visited. Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Alphabet City...... Frickin AWESOME!!!
My favourite shop however was in Brooklyn and goes by the name of "Odd Twin". From the moment i saw the shop front i knew we were going to fall deeply in love.
Everything about it was perfect, full to the brim of amazing products, props and displays. It made me feel sad to retire RB but also made me excited to think that they would have been such good friends if they were ever to meet. So being the total geek i was all vacation i asked the shop assistant if i could take some pictures using the 35mm SLR that adorned my neck the entire trip.
If you are ever in NY i urge you to visit this place. Until then you can enjoy these little snaps.

Thank you once again for all your wonderful words.
In the Spring i plan to launch RB to the masses online. This is very exciting and also very scary as i have no idea how websites work, but i hope with the help of some very talented people RB online will be just as beautiful as the real thing (if the website sucks it won't go ahead, so be happy that it's going to be awesome!)
I'll also continue to write this little blog, keeping it full of news, adventures and things to make us all smile.