Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Summer Holiday

Travel in style this summer with a selection of vintage luggage.
I have a few vintage cases myself and can't bare to travel without them.
Prices vary from case to case, but are all between £15 and £32.50
Get packing!


Some new ladies stock that arrived in store this week.
Brighten up your summer wardrobe with these neat threads. 
Sized 8-12 and priced between £20 and £25 you can't afford not to.
Come in, chat and make friends with them, the flowery play suit is a hoot :)

Friday, 24 April 2009


A new addition to the ruby blue lamp family.
This little beauty nearly made me weep it's so beautiful.
I could stare at it all day, in fact, i think i might....

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nostalgia For No-one

In the run up to the open of ruby blue i was hunting high and low for interesting bits and bobs to either sell or to display and create atmosphere within the store. 
Auctions are the perfect place to start as they are usually full of random and unusual things at hopefully amazing prices. 
So i won a box of about 4 cameras (which i am still to try out) however when i opened up one of the cameras (the make i can't remember), inside was a rolled up used 120mm colour film.
I've been meaning to get the film developed for over a year now and finally did it this week!
I was so scared that the film was going to be blank, however to my joy it was full of fascinating images of a family holiday (possibly in the 1980s?).
My favourite is definitely the blurred image of the picnic, no doubt a beautiful accident from the mysterious figure behind the camera. 
Anyway have a peek at a selection of the photographs and make up your own identities and stories for the people photographed just like i have... 

Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Friends, First Dates and Mix Tapes

If you only read one book this year PLEASE make it this one.....
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
It really is a triumph and i promise that once finished you'll feel infinite.

Vintage Topshop

Well isn't this just a delight....Vintage Topshop at its best!
Since its open in 1964, the Topshop brand has had its ups and downs. 
In the early 1990s Topshop was seen to be highly unfashionable, which makes this dress all the more special.
Although the label states it's a size 12, over the years sizes have changed, and today is more like a size 8-10.
Priced at £25.00 it's totes a bargain.
Clear some space in your wardrobe innit!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Ruby blue is soooooo lucky to have so many wonderful, beautiful and talented friends. 
Her BFF is deffas motive sounds. Those snazzy boys produce wonderful music, always presented in a way that makes you jealous that you're not one of their CDs. Sigh. 
Anyway the point of this post was to inform you that motive sounds CDs are available for you to purchase in ruby blue, SKILL!
check it here.

True Love

Lula is pretty much the most beautiful magazine you could ever wish for. It's the reading equivalent of being in the most comfortable bed in the world, as soon as you lay eyes on her you begin to dream, melting into all your wildest fantasies. Her energy is felt instantly.
I remember the first time we met, there were no formalities or insincerities or pauses in the conversations we shared. I remember what we spoke about, because they were truths.
Thank you Lula, you are the girl of my dreams x

Nice to Meet You

For those of you who have not yet met ms blue, here are a couple of pics of her in her current attire (not the best quality images as you can see but she wanted to show off). 


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Enjoy and welcome to the wonderland of ruby blue.