Thursday, 17 June 2010

Summer Holiday

Check these little beach babes in their 1940s swimming costumes. I think i might ditch the other lady previously blogged about and fall in love with the little lady above instead.
If she says yes i'll probably take her on holiday so her fabulous swim wear doesn't go to waste.
Wish me luck, hope you're out enjoying the sunshine.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Father's Day

The day for which we celebrate the greatness of our Fathers is fast approaching. A week on sunday (20th June).

If you haven't been super organised and already got your card, below is this years Ruby Blue hand made selection.
They're a bit of fun this year; as you can see from the last image.
So if your dad is your hero, like mine is, write it down in one of these cheeky cards.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


I could just be sick about how much i love all the things photographed in this post. I don't really know where to begin describing it all, so i don't think i will.
Why was the 1950s/1960s so perfect?

This weekend is about sophistication i think. If you're going out at all i think you should spend hours getting ready. Pamper yourself, glass of wine, some sweet jazz blasting, resulting in elegant and classy dress.
I'm off to a wedding tonight so that's just what i'm going to do.

Also i think i might fancy that hot little toot pictured above, she get's my vote, maybe i'll ask her to dinner?

Heart Pegs

What could be better than writing a note to a loved one on one of these totally neat chalk board heart pegs? Much better than a scrappy piece of paper no? Plus you've got it forever and ever.
Plan your sweet nothings and get one purchased.

Saturday Kitchen

Just a few little ditties to make your house nice and pretty. I'm beginning to think that kitchens are my favourite rooms. Which might explain my obsession with collecting cutlery and other random bits of crockery of late; you know for that kitchen that i don't own...i think i'm an idiot.