Friday, 24 February 2012

Last Minute Treats

Ready for the weekend here are some last minute new treats for you to take home and love.
Complete babe 1980s/90s Real leather Bally shoes brilliant condition - Size 3

1970s Remington Typewriter, in great working order, with original warranty, beautifully designed instruction manual and spare roll of ribbon. A complete steal i'd say.

Super 8 Video Camera (working order unknown)

Kodak film camera (working order unknown, although action on capture and wind on buttons seems good)

Darling Rose design 12 piece tea set

Beautiful real red leather, writing set case, great condition

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ruby Blue Feb 2012

Spring Cleaning

Also new in stock this week are these smashing little darlings. Let the 1950s housewife in you loose and get spring cleaning, baking, ironing, or just prance in front of your mirror, happy in the knowledge that you look top qual!


Below are a few new ditties that are now in stock.
The suitcase is really very big, to demonstrate it's size, i persuaded my good friend Louise Waugh to get inside it, the lid was about six inches short of closing. So next time you go on holiday and your friends ask, "want to smuggle me in your suitcase?"......

Monday, 13 February 2012

My Love is Your Love

Here at RB we were very saddened by the news of Whitney Houston's death. Tributes were payed, mainly by watching this whenever possible.
R.I.P Whitney, we will always love you.


I logged into our little Facebook page over the weekend to find the nicest post.
A lovely customer named Erica blogged the most wonderful things about us :)
You too can read her delightful words here...
Thank you Erica, we appreciate and enjoy you.