Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Treasure

A night of pricing new treasures at home magically transformed into lots of pretty things on sale in RB. Check it all out while it's still smoking hot.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Coming Soon to RB

1940s Splendor

Below is a photograph i recently took of my Mother and Father dressed up in 1940s Ruby Blue (with a few modern pieces thrown in for good measure). They were off to a charity event and looked every inch perfectly beautiful and oh so handsome.

Welcome Back

It seems that lately all i do is apologise for my lack of posts... Yet here we are again.
Please excuse me, it's been an awfully busy three months, but this time i really do promise that i won't leave it so long between posts.

As i've been away for so long, i thought i'd leave you with a little visual diary of all that has been happening since we last spoke.
There has been, adventures, holidays, new jobs, weddings and so much more. Hope you enjoy looking at them, and feel suitably updated.
I've missed you.