Wednesday, 18 July 2012


For a while now i've been wanting to do a little bit of rearranging in my bedroom. Now i have so many possessions that every so often i have to do a bit of stock rotation in order to fully appreciate all that i own. So upon my return from France i still have another week off work so it was the perfect time to get stuck in and have a play around. 

The two deer heads photographed last were brought back from an antiques yard in France, i saw them last year but had ran out of money / had no way of bringing them back. As we drove this year i had everything crossed that they would still be there... Luckily for me they were, and after some hilarious bartering, together with a pen and paper and much nodding and shaking of the head, they now happily reside upon my bedroom wall. 

French Vintage Treasure Hunting

Part of the fun when traveling in different countries is snooping around for all the Vintage / Thrift stores. We were lucky enough to be told about this little gem, about an hour and a half outside of Paris, only open on a Wednesday and Saturday we made sure we penciled it into our agenda. The warehouse was huge, housing a butt load of bargainous housewares, clothing, soft furnishing and some amazing furniture that i'm still wishing could have been brought home. 
Anyway I purchased some little treats that will be put in Ruby very soon, but i'll save that for another blog post. 

France 2012

If you remember, in late August / early September of last year 5 darling friends and I had an infinite holiday in France. Well we were lucky enough to go back this year (exchanging two precious friends for two more).
There are no words / images that could describe our amazing house in its truest form, but i hope you enjoy looking at the below scrapbook.
I'm already dreaming of the day we get to go back.