Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tally Ho Chaps!

Dressing like a gentleman is one of my favourite things.
Everyday dress recently is as follows...

- Black jeans / Pleated Chinos
- Shirt
- Merino wool cardigan/jumper
- Brogues / patent dress shoes / navy boat shoes / 1960s style slamming new black and brown leather shoes.
- Tie - 60s wool or regular
- Fitted blazer / mac
- Tartan scarf
- Leather driving gloves
- Briefcase

I always enjoy wearing nice dress clothes during the day, mixing pattern and texture is a true love and always seems to make a smart outfit a little more causal.

Pictured above is a selection of accessories available to purchase from ruby blue in order to transform you into the perfect modern day gentleman.
What's even better than looking like a gentleman? Behaving like one obvs.
So chaps remember your manners and be gracious to those around you.
Everyone loves a polite gentleman, if you don't have the natural gentleman talent, pick up a copy of 'Chap' magazine and take note.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'm Gonna Wrap You Up In My Love

If you ripped open my chest and looked at my heart, you'd see that it is wrapped up in this paper, beating with the truest love imaginable.

1 meter rolls of delight, the best clothes your gifts will ever have the pleasure of wearing.

Make your gifts happy, make your loved one happy, make me happy, but most of all make yourself happy with your slamming good taste and generosity.

(I'll even lie to my right thumb and tell him that his precious babies won't get ripped up or thrown away....RIGHT?!)

I Hope you're loved this Valentine's Day x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

With Love

Valentine's Day.... VOMIT!

The one good thing about Valentine's Day is that i get to make nice cards, hurl as the holiday is the cards are fun to make. This year the cards are extra special as some of them are blessed with the ever delicious writings of my life long BFF Carly Hind.

I'm a lover of love and giving nice things to people, so i guess that's how i'll spend Valentine's Day this year, treating my loved ones and hoping for the same in return :)

Ruby Blue's 2010 selection of cards are now on sale (as pictured below), and usually sell pretty quickly, so what are you waiting for??

Guys, be that knight in shining armor, and treat your belle to a hand made card, heck tell her you made it yourself if that earns you extra gentleman points?
Girls, a handsome man always likes to be told you love him.

Happy Valentine's Day.... I wonder how many i'll get this year? hmmm.....

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Favourites are my ultimate favourite.

I have favourites for everything.

What's favourite about my favourites is that they grow everyday. I say grow and not change because why would something be your favourite one minute and not the next?
Favourites are forever, and are a happy addition to the collage that i call self.

It is no surprise that i have a favourite day.

Sunday is my favourite day of all time, one of my only favourites that has, and will remain static.

A little late but here is how i spent last sunday. In words and pictures.

- Sunday is for sleep ins.
- Sunday is for reading.
- Sunday is for playlists.
- Sunday is for chats and giggles with Dolly.
- Sunday is for driving in the country.
- Sunday is for sharing with friends.
- Sunday is the only day for me.

Dear sunday,
I'm counting down the days until i see you next
Forever yours