Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Favourites are my ultimate favourite.

I have favourites for everything.

What's favourite about my favourites is that they grow everyday. I say grow and not change because why would something be your favourite one minute and not the next?
Favourites are forever, and are a happy addition to the collage that i call self.

It is no surprise that i have a favourite day.

Sunday is my favourite day of all time, one of my only favourites that has, and will remain static.

A little late but here is how i spent last sunday. In words and pictures.

- Sunday is for sleep ins.
- Sunday is for reading.
- Sunday is for playlists.
- Sunday is for chats and giggles with Dolly.
- Sunday is for driving in the country.
- Sunday is for sharing with friends.
- Sunday is the only day for me.

Dear sunday,
I'm counting down the days until i see you next
Forever yours


  1. What a beautiful Sunday that was. A half empty flask of tea and heart shaped shortbread biscuits! Wonderful! X

  2. the tea fiasco was hilarious.

    L- "what was that?"
    D- "ah just the flask it'll be ok..."
    L- "can you smell tea"
    D- "awwwww man"


  3. I'm probably going to steal that hat someday.