Thursday, 4 February 2010

With Love

Valentine's Day.... VOMIT!

The one good thing about Valentine's Day is that i get to make nice cards, hurl as the holiday is the cards are fun to make. This year the cards are extra special as some of them are blessed with the ever delicious writings of my life long BFF Carly Hind.

I'm a lover of love and giving nice things to people, so i guess that's how i'll spend Valentine's Day this year, treating my loved ones and hoping for the same in return :)

Ruby Blue's 2010 selection of cards are now on sale (as pictured below), and usually sell pretty quickly, so what are you waiting for??

Guys, be that knight in shining armor, and treat your belle to a hand made card, heck tell her you made it yourself if that earns you extra gentleman points?
Girls, a handsome man always likes to be told you love him.

Happy Valentine's Day.... I wonder how many i'll get this year? hmmm.....


  1. They look awesome! I think i might get the heart one.

  2. Upon looking seems they nearly all have hearts on be more specific. I want the one the reads LOVE with a heart for the o.

    Thats better.

  3. haha.
    cheers tony, i'm pretty pleased with them this year :)

  4. i think you just nailed it 9 times in a row damian

  5. why thank you robbie scott :)
    maybe i should have done graphic design haha

  6. really really awesome stuff! bravo!