Thursday, 21 July 2011

Witty Woo

Lost and Found

The attic to my house is directly above my bedroom, one of these days i fear that the ceiling will cave in and the bedroom that i currently love more than anything will be changed forever.
This attic space is the home to a lifetime of my families belongings, clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, toys, school books, cassette tapes, i could literally go on forever.

Every time i mention something amazing that i've seen in an auction or antique shop to my parents i'm always greeted with the same reply, "oh, we've got one of those in the attic." Ordinarily that would be great, i'd tot up the ladders and retrieve said item, letting it breathe new air and be loved once again.... However if you saw my attic, you would know that this is not the case. There is stuff on top of stuff, on top of stuff, on top of stuff....

Not too long ago i remembered about something that i'd seen up there that i wanted to bring down. After unsuccessfully searching for about 20 minutes i gave up, however i did stumble upon one of my Mothers old hand bags. And inside the hand bag were a collection of her old childhood brooches.

My Mother is of Greek Cypriot origin, and came over to England in the early 1960s with my Grandfather, Grandmother and Aunty, after being forced out the country due to war with Turkey. This being the case most of their belongings were left behind, which is one of the reasons why i treasure anything that survived my family's time in Cyprus.
These little plastic brooches were obviously so special to my childhood Mother, she told me of how she quickly collected them together and threw them in my Grandmothers handbag, before having to evacuate their house; the little cat hair pin safely nested in my Mothers hair.
50 years later they are still safe, and have now proudly become my treasure.


We all know by now that i love old postcards, but there's something even more exciting about finding them when they're from the city or town that you live.
Below are two postcards of old Carlisle that recently came into my possession from 1964 and 1958 (i think, the date is a little unclear).