Friday, 23 October 2009

RB After Dark

Over the weekend i had the pleasure of playing host to a delicious little peach by the name of Phillippa Henley

The weather was cold and wet, the skies were mean and grey, after a spot of late lunch and a autumnal wander around the town, we decided to lift our spirits by entering the enclosed courtyard, hot chocolate and coffee in hand and played mannequins into the night.

The results as you can see are quite scrumptious. 
Three powerful, skillfully wrapped beauties ready to brighten up my favourite season. 

Thank you Peach, to you i say...
"Every time we say goodbye, i die a little."
Ruby Blue misses you xxx

Mens Update

In preparation for some dapper new mens threads in the coming few weeks, our mens section got a little tidy up. 
Check out the little country gentleman, i just know that when the doors and gates are locked at night, ruby blue becomes a hot bed of crazy honeys and pipe smoking...tut tut tut.