Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tally Ho Chaps!

Dressing like a gentleman is one of my favourite things.
Everyday dress recently is as follows...

- Black jeans / Pleated Chinos
- Shirt
- Merino wool cardigan/jumper
- Brogues / patent dress shoes / navy boat shoes / 1960s style slamming new black and brown leather shoes.
- Tie - 60s wool or regular
- Fitted blazer / mac
- Tartan scarf
- Leather driving gloves
- Briefcase

I always enjoy wearing nice dress clothes during the day, mixing pattern and texture is a true love and always seems to make a smart outfit a little more causal.

Pictured above is a selection of accessories available to purchase from ruby blue in order to transform you into the perfect modern day gentleman.
What's even better than looking like a gentleman? Behaving like one obvs.
So chaps remember your manners and be gracious to those around you.
Everyone loves a polite gentleman, if you don't have the natural gentleman talent, pick up a copy of 'Chap' magazine and take note.


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