Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nostalgia For No-one

In the run up to the open of ruby blue i was hunting high and low for interesting bits and bobs to either sell or to display and create atmosphere within the store. 
Auctions are the perfect place to start as they are usually full of random and unusual things at hopefully amazing prices. 
So i won a box of about 4 cameras (which i am still to try out) however when i opened up one of the cameras (the make i can't remember), inside was a rolled up used 120mm colour film.
I've been meaning to get the film developed for over a year now and finally did it this week!
I was so scared that the film was going to be blank, however to my joy it was full of fascinating images of a family holiday (possibly in the 1980s?).
My favourite is definitely the blurred image of the picnic, no doubt a beautiful accident from the mysterious figure behind the camera. 
Anyway have a peek at a selection of the photographs and make up your own identities and stories for the people photographed just like i have... 

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