Saturday, 27 March 2010


After what seems to have been a long jewellery drought, this week we've seen lots of new jewels shimmering in the cabinets of ruby blue once again.
Below is a small selection of the new brooches, a nice accessory to make your clothes even more beautiful.
Below are two of my favourite new necklaces that now reside in the alluring jewellery cabinet.
The Glass one is a real treat, what i love about it is how heavy it is, the photograph really doesn't do it justice, the same to be said about the completely stunning silver and diamonte ditty, perfect for a special occasion, whap on that LBD and dazzle everyone with your pretty neck.

[Much more new jewellery in stock now!]

What a treat these 1940s/1950s Compact Mirrors are.
It's also been a while since we've had Compact Mirrors in stock, but a welcome return i think, especially the little doggies, cheeky little scamps that they are.
Make your friends jealous and powder your nose in style when you're out and about this weekend.
[Plus the powdery make-up smells like an ultimate dream].

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  1. :D ALL MUST HAVES!!! Love The Brooche At The Top xxx