Tuesday, 11 May 2010

1950s Tea Time

Fresh from the 1950s these little treasures are in perfect condition and should really be living in my house and not for sale in ruby blue.
You don't even know how much i want to keep this tea pot and tea set. I really am the worst shop owner in the world...maybe i should open a museum instead?
So if you want to buy these, i'd recommend you do it soon before i change my mind.

[Literally the second i posted this little ditty, the beautiful tea pot sold.....i regret letting it go already. Farewell friend]


  1. these are awesome ... great photos too

  2. The tea pot also doubles up as a fish eye lens ...

  3. Tea pot doing fine and very happy in it's new home. Still brewing fine tea after 55 years....wonderful!

  4. Where do you live? No actually don't tell me, I might break in and steal it.

  5. phew i'm glad to hear he's ok! Thanks for letting me know.