Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I've been meaning to add a post like this for a while now. My scanning concentration is pathetic, so i've only added two pictures for now, expect more soon.

Old family photographs captivate me like nothing else, whether they belong to my own family, friends or a mystery stranger, i can't help but gaze at them for hours, thinking up little stories in my head about the scenes captured.

Below are two images of my Grandad, Grandma and Mother.
My Mum's side of the family are all from Cyprus and were quickly forced out of the country when the Turks invaded in the early 1960s, leaving behind most of their belongings; Possibly one of the reasons as to why i love these pictures so much is the fact that not many of them survived.
Having a) never visited Cyprus myself, and b) never meeting my Grandad, photographs of my mum growing up have always intrigued me. The below image is one of my favourite photographs that i own, taking pride of place on my mantle shelf.

Above is my beautiful Grandma Dolly.
I think she will remain my most cherished person while breath enters my body.

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