Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Birds Vs Planes

Here at ruby blue we are keen to promote as much local talent as our little shop will allow.
The newest addition to the RB family comes in the form of Birds Vs Planes.
Birds Vs Planes are smoking hot Carlisle locals blessing our ears with amazing music.
As well as the amazing music they are now blessing us with delightful merchandise [designed by another talented Carlisle resident and good friend Lydia Leith].
If you can't wait until one of their gigs to get your hands on the bitchin' merch, fear not, just pop into the labyrinth of ruby blue and buy until you make yourself sick.

Prices are as follows...

- Mens and Ladies T Shirts [two designs various sizes] - £7.00
- EP - £4.00
- Tote Bag - £4.00
- Badges - £1.00 for three. Or free with any other purchase.


  1. ooo :o) the collection looks great !! x

  2. Jealous much?yes i am very

  3. haha lydia, luckily there was no vomit involved on wednesday!

  4. I love your shop. My daughter bought a gorgeous gold dress from you last week. Keep up the good work.