Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Signs

So it's only taken me just over 2 years to make a street sign for outside (what a gonk).
I stumbled upon this art deco fire screen a little while ago in a charity shop and thought he would be perfect. After a day of painting this is what the finished product looks like. Neato huh?

Thank you to Louise Waugh for the use of your hand writing, temporary it may be, but i think your chalk skills were.....well, skill.


  1. I'm impressed, cool stuff guys.

  2. Nice hand writing from Louise indeed! Did she also draw the hand? It's excellent! The sign that I did for my uncle's restaurant is almost no match to that.

    Almost, because the typography is not that good, but the sign itself is well-built. I used heavy-duty stainless steel strapping and steel strapping seals to attach the sign to the restaurant's lamp post. You could use a sturdier street sign for your shop, Ruby Blue. That one can easily be blown away by the wind.