Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hello Fog

Winter is finally here!
After weeks of awful weather and driving to work, today saw my legs getting excercise once again.
I really enjoy my walk to and from work, the scenery is very pretty and normaly quite peaceful.
Today i enjoyed it more than ever for the following reasons...

- No rain
- Beautiful fog
- Nice chill to the air
- The smell of the damp cold ground
- My chosen soundtrack (as shared below)

Such a nice walk that i had to document it.
Nice to see you again Winter, you're welcome to stay until February :)


  1. thank you..... :)
    would you change your opinion if i told you that i quickly snapped them using my camera phone??? eeeekkkk!
    i usually hate camera phone snappers as well, oh well, they came out pretty neat all the same. x