Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I Smell Christmas :)

Yay it's December at last, 24 days until christmas.
I love christmas the most, mainly because it's an excuse to play and make everything look amazing, and wear lots of nice wool and get wrapped up warm and have fun ... i could continue this list for the rest of my days so i'll stop there.

Over the weekend ruby was placed into her christmas outfit. So i decided to make the decoration process the best EVER!

I enter the store alone, set all the decorations out and plan in my head where everything is going to live. Next i drag the deliciously smelling christmas tree in, trying not to damage any needles, and place him into his pot.
Next...my favourite bit.
Little mince pies, little clementines, little glasses of mulled wine, little christmas playlists, all the while wearing one of my all time favourite christmas jumpers.
Sounds amazing right?
WRONG! This is not a process to go through alone, i ended up feeling like a lonely old man spending his first Christmas alone :(
Ahh well, still a nice few hours spent, but once again let my imagination get the best of me.

Happy December 1st (what a yummy cold one it is)


  1. Ah, I do love Christmas. And Advent. I look forward to coming down and having a look.
    Mr Hinson

  2. Well i didnt enjoy the little end of that. But i enjoyed the rest.x