Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Wrap Me Up For Christmas

Every November the great Christmas wrapping paper stamp begins.

My right thumb dreads it, he doesn't like the blisters that try to befriend him. However he certainly feels joyous when he waves goodbye to his creations, happily in the hands of its new master; The jingle of the bell as the door closes is like a celebration of his hard work :)
Various colours and designs make your presents look good enough to eat.

New this year are packs of christmas cards from our good friend Pipless Jam and brand new buddy Lydia Leith.
Take a peek at the pics below...

Pipless Jam Card Pack - 3 designs x2 per pack.

Lydia Leith Card Pack - 4 designs per pack.

So much choice!!! And as always there's the usual array of ruby blue made cards.
Both packs are pretty spiffy, so why not treat your family and friends to something original this year, make them sick with your thoughtfulness.

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  1. I'll have to pop in and look for some presents I think, and I think I recognise that stocking as being from my own workplace :) love the wrapping paper, sorry for your thumb though!