Friday, 3 September 2010


As previously blogged about, my bedroom is pretty much my favourite place of all time. I'm still to experience the type of feeling i have when i'm in there somewhere else, and to be pretty honest, i don't think i will.
My fireplace area is one of the best in the room i think, and this is why. This picture was taken a little while ago on 35mm film, still my most loved format.
My skull and taxidermy collection is coming along swimmingly, i've still got a long way to go before i'm fully satisfied with it, but for now i'd give myself a B minus.


  1. If I didn't know you, I'd of said you were DEFINITELY a an old skool one? Or maybe New Romantic?

    Hope you're well by the way!

  2. HAHA i love that tony!
    all is well thank you, hope things are the same for you.
    i hope to use your address soon by the way, i haven't forgotten :) x

  3. Love the skull photo, and agree your mantlepiece is tremendous, though the thought of dusting it exhausts me.

  4. tell me about it eryl.
    and thank you, the photograph is part of a series that i did a few years ago.