Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My Best Car Boot Buy EVER!

Last bank holiday monday i went to a car boot sale, which is usually very good. However this time it was a little disappointing, i managed to get a few good things but on the whole it wasn't as good as it normally is.
Casually looking at a stall that was very good (mainly because it was held by a dealer) i somehow got chatting about an old film projector that he had, initially not interested because i already have one in the shop.
He opened up the box to show me it and rainbows and sunbeams shot out.... inside was a film reel of the Queen's Coronation, along with the receipt from when it was purchased back in 1953, i clutched my heart fearing it had stopped beating. Well that sealed the deal, i had to buy it. My parents have collected Coronation memorabilia for years, we literally have hundreds of pieces, and out of my brother and sister i'm the only one who has taken an interest in it.
So below are some awful quality pictures of the projector in all it's glory.
I just love the Queen, and now that i own this, i can probably just die!

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