Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Screen Printing

So this week i went screen printing with good personal friend and good friend of RB Lydia Leith.
I've never done screen printing before but always wanted to have a go, luckily for me i had Miss Leith's expertise on hand.

I've always been happy and proud of the fact that the Ruby Blue carrier bags are all hand stamped before they house your goods and hold your hands, in a way being as unique as the merchandise purchased. However, although they are lovely as they are, for a while i've wanted them to have a bit more impact.... So off i trotted to the screen printers, about 100 bags in hand, because what's better than hand stamped carrier bags?.... Hand screen printed carrier bags of course!

Below are pictures of the journey.

Much more hard work than i thought, especially when you have to print each bag 4 times!
But who cares how much work went into them when they look this flippin neat right?!
Get yourself one before they all go, as at present they are limited.
Many thanks to Lydia for her assistance and hard work.